We care not only physical but also spiritual and ethical needs of the people. Our Ministry organizes seminars, debate sessions, brainstorming sessions on small scale and conventions on larger scale giving the people spiritual awareness helping them leading their lives according to the true paths advised by our Almighty Lord Jesus Christ for His good believers. Bibles & literature distribution, prayer meetings, AV Aids, open air & tent meetings are salient ways used in our ministerial services.  We are very pleased to work in collaboration with sister ministries. In this regard, our team, led by Chairman Iman Ministry Pastor Shahid Nawaz visits less privileged churches in far remote areas of Pakistan for sharing the Word of God, shining Jesus in darkness and for spiritual empowerment of brethren. We pray that many, through our ministry, come to faith and love and experience the encounter with Lord Jesus Christ! Hourly growing Faith in the lives of Pakistan and winning lost souls is our aim!