We focus on increasing literacy rate and providing Biblical and formal education to the marginalized groups particularly to the orphaned, needy, and the helpless kids belonging to bricks kiln work places, the parents of who cannot afford the schooling. Our Ministry not only makes the availability of quality education but also helps through nourishment, food, clothing, shoes, books, stationery and shelter etc at Iman Kids Care Centres in Sheikhupura Punjab Pakistan. Unfortunately, the less privileged marginalized people of remote areas of Pakistan often remain neglected and forlorn by “notable” charities/organizations. These are the people who after having one time meal often wonder from where the next meal will arrive. In the wake of such situation, our ministry plays its vital role by reaching these outreached people and providing them Biblical and formal education and empowering them with skills and it brings them social, political, economical, psychological and mental strength and contentment. This effort of our ministry enables the society to cherish its due share in the available sources.

  • Sunday Schools:

Our ministry is running Sunday schools in Nizampura and Kadlathi Sheikhupura Punjab Pakistan where we teach the kids about Bible and Christ. AV Aids like Christian movies, plays, tablos, story books, charts and play cards etc are used for very comprehensive learning at our Sunday schools. Christian songs in native and English languages are also taught and our choir of little kids performs in churches and conventions as well.