Even after working very assiduously at bricks kiln work places, from dawn to dusk, these families here are often unable to make their both ends meet. These are the people who after having their one time meal, often wonder from where the next meal will arrive. Their little kids also have to work with them at bricks kiln places. Our Food Supply Programme is continued for these extremely deserving families to keep the food in their plates at least twice a day. Lord is using us to empower their kids at our Kids Care Centres with Biblical and formal education as well as with basic necessities of life.

Very competent and committed team of Iman Ministry remains ready as a quick response for coping up the situations arising from natural calamities: COVID 19, floods, earthquakes and breaking out fires etc.

During the ongoing pandemic of COVID 19, Iman Ministry has supplied One Month Food & basic hygienic items to more than 200 extremely deserving families in Pakistan living in abject poverty.

Our COVID Food Package consisted of: Wheat Flour 20Kg Rice 5Kg Cooking Oil 5 L Pulses 5 Kg Potatoe 5 Kg Onion 2 Kg Sugar 2 Kg Dry Milk 1 Kg Tea 250g Pickling 1 Kg Red chilli 250g Iodine Salt 1 pack Washing Powder 1 Kg Detole Soap 3 packs Rusk 1 pack.